PIC-STRAP Field Trip in Quezon

As part of the stakeholder dialogue activity during the PIC-STRAP Kick-off meeting in June 2013, the teams from the Philippines, India, China and Germany conducted a field trip in Infanta in the province of Quezon, one of the study sites in the Philippines. They met with Mr. Crisostomo (municipal officer) and Mr. Coronacion (officer of farmer cooperative) to make inquiry about the potential of bioenergy production in Quezon province in Luzon. They showed the local distillery for nipa, which like coconut can be used as bioenergy feedstock. According to them, nipa is probably more sustainable than sugarcane and coconut because it supports mangrove ecosystem and more resilient to typhoons.

IGMSPG-18-Group Photo (L)2

Mr. Crisostomo (municipal officer, right) and Mr. Coronacion (officer of farmer cooperative, left) explaining to Dr. Damasa Macandog (left) and Dr. Lilibeth Acosta (right) how the nipa distillery operates for the cooperative members, taken on June 15, 2013

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